Would you like to create the promotional art for The Basin Music Festival? We are starting a community design competition for the art that will be the basis of posters, banners and web graphics for the summer concert series and the main festival in 2018. You'll have fun, show off your talents, and if your art is selected, you even get a nice little cash prize. Interested?

Summer Concert Series Events Design Competition

We hold four outdoor summer concerts on a monthly basis from November through February. They are held at The Basin Pavilion at The Basin Triangle. Each concert in the park has a slightly different theme. The themes are usually youth stage, singer/songwriter, jazz/blues, country/blues. They are well attended.

Step 1: Read the Summer Concert Series design terms and conditions

Step 2: Read the Summer Concert Series design brief

Step 3: Create your design and check it against the design brief

Step 4: Submit your completed design using our Summer Concert Series Design online submission form